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How to build a Camper Van






How to make your camper van using a Stickibox Kit:
What you will need:

1 Stickibox Car Kit
1 Roll of Coloured Craft Paper
1 Sheet of Glitter Paper
3 Sheets of Silver Card
Felt Tip Pens
Spray Glue/Glue Stick


Step 1: Cover The Box

Make your Stickibox cardboard car by following the instructions inside the pack. Once the box is constructed, measure out a 580mm x 180mm rectangle on the coloured craft paper and cut out. Duplicate this so that you have two rectangles of coloured paper to cover the long sides of the box.

Next, measure out a 360mm x 180mm rectangle on the coloured paper and cut out. Duplicate this so that you have two rectangles to cover the ends of the box. Take one rectangle and cut out a V shape to replicate the front of a camper van.

Spray the long side with spray glue and carefully apply the coloured paper. Continue this around the box so that all sides are covered in paper.

Step 2: Attach the wheels

Remove the cardboard wheels and steering wheels from the sheets and attach to the box using the rivets provided. The steering wheel should be low enough inside the box for the dashboard to be fixed above.

Step 3: Attach the headlights

Take the sticker sheet with the headlights and colour around the lights with a pen. Once coloured in, simply attach to the front of your camper van. 

Step 4: Attach the number plates

Using a black felt tip pen, write a name on the number plates and attach to the front and back of the vehicle

Step 5: Attach your dashboard

Remove the dashboard from the backing sheet and stick to the inside of your Stickibox box above the steering wheel

Step 6: Make and attach your camper badges

Take a piece of glitter card and draw out two flowers (or emblems) approximately 80mm in diameter. Cut out the design and glue to the two circle shaped stickers. Remove the two stickers with the designs attached and fix to the side of the camper van.

For the front of the vehicle, draw out a sign/emblem on a piece of glitter card and cut out. Using the glue stick, attach this badge to the front of the vehicle.

Step 7: Create your windows

Take the silver card and draw out 8 squares approximately 105mm x 105mm. Cut out the 8 squares and attach 4 on each side of the box to create the windows. 

For the windscreen, cut out 2 rectangles approximately 150mm x 105mm. Using the glue stick, attached these to the front of your camper van.

Step 8: Start your engines!

If you would like to drive your camper van, carefully remove the base of the box along the perforated lines. Jump inside and start your engines!



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