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How to build your Stickibox Car

What you will need:

1 Stickibox Car Kit

Colouring pens




Step 1: Make the box

Make your Stickibox cardboard car by following the instructions on the leaflet found inside the sticker pack. 

Step 2: Attach the wheels

Remove the cardboard wheels from the sheets and attach to the box using the rivets provided. Push the rivet through the cardboard wheels first and then attach to the cardboard box. Tighten with the enclosed wing nut.

Position and attach your steering wheel inside the front of the car leaving enough room for the dashboard to be added above it.

Step 3: Attach the headlights

Take the sticker sheet with the headlights and colour around the lights with a felt-tip pen. Once coloured in, simply attach to the front of your car. 

Step 4: Attach the number plates

Using a black felt tip pen, write a name on the number plates and attach to the front and back of the vehicle

Step 5: Attach go faster stripes and badges to your car

Take the two circle shaped stickers and draw a design on them. It could be a number or a logo/picture. Colour in the two badges and attach the stickers to the sides of your vehicle.

Colour the go-faster stripes and attach these to your car.

Step 6: Attach your dashboard

Finally, colour in the dashboard and attach to the inside of your car, above the steering wheel.

Step 7: Start your engines!

If you would like to take your car for a drive, carefully remove the base of the box along the perforated lines. Push the handles through and step inside your car holding the box at waist height. Start your engines and get ready to race!


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