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Stickibox on the road!

Although we are huge fans of social media and the power of the internet, without promoting your product or meeting your potential customer face to face, it is difficult to attract traffic to your online business. We decided to take Stickibox on the road and to visit of selection of craft and gift fairs in the Oxfordshire area. We carefully chose two markets to begin with purely on location and target market. We read the literature of what to expect and the financial commitment to secure a place and booked ourselves up. We left for our first craft market with...

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The journey so far..

Hello. We are Pip and Kerry, the co-founders of Stickibox and this is our story of how our company was founded.

January 2015 – It was while watching our children play happily together in a cardboard box that we had our light bulb moment. Our children decided to convert an old cardboard box into a racing car. We loved the way they worked together to create their own vision of a car while having lots of fun. This was the beginning of an idea to develop kits that would be based around a plain cardboard box.

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