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The journey so far..

Hello. We are Pip and Kerry, the co-founders of Stickibox and this is our story of how our company was founded.

January 2015 – It was while watching our children play happily together in a cardboard box that we had our light bulb moment. Our children decided to convert an old cardboard box into a racing car. We loved the way they worked together to create their own vision of a car while having lots of fun. This was the beginning of an idea to develop kits that would be based around a plain cardboard box.

February 2015 – After many hours of researching cardboard crafts and toys we struggled to find any products that matched our ideas. We identified a gap in the market for kits that allowed children the freedom to create their own personalised cardboard toys.

We felt that if we were going to bring a new toy to the market it needed to be fully recyclable and where possible made of recycled materials. Our houses were already full of too much coloured plastic. We also believed that while our children can learn a lot from computers, there are many other skills that can be lost and only developed through interactive, imaginative play.

We started to develop many ideas based around a simple cardboard box but knew that we needed to focus on one stand out product. This was the start for the cardboard car kit.

March 2015 - With our ideas for a cardboard car on paper we found a local graphic designer who could turn them into stickers and card cut-outs.

At this point we felt we needed a brand identity for our business. After several brainstorming sessions around our kitchen tables we came up with the ingenious name of Stickibox (Stickers + Box)!

April to June 2015 – Our next challenge was to find a UK based box manufacturer that could turn our unique designs into a finished product. This was no easy task when our list of requirements included a perforated base, handles and the ability to fold the box flat for easy storage.


We also reached out to another local designer who could help us with our brand identity and packaging.


July to August 2015 - The school summer holidays had begun. Much of our time was consumed with entertaining our children while juggling sample testing and reviewing packaging designs. We were lucky that our test market (4 children aged between 4 and 7) were at home and loved being creative with our growing mountain of samples.


September – November 2015. We ordered our first batch of stickers, card cut-outs and boxes. When they arrived we were so excited to finally see our ideas coming to life.

Next step was to create customised versions of our Stickibox car ready for our first photo shoot.

The final piece of the puzzle for a complete Stickibox car kit was the external packaging and instruction leaflet. We knew how we wanted our packaging to look but getting it exactly right meant lots of tweaks and adjustments. Thankfully we had a very patient and understanding designer.

December 2015 – All elements of our Stickibox kits arrived at HQ. Our last steps were to finalise our website and ensure our product was thoroughly tested by an external agency.

Together we feel extremely proud of everything that we have achieved in the last 12 months. We remain true to our beliefs and have created a product that is made in the UK and is predominantly recyclable.

We have had lots of fun and hope this is just the start of our Stickibox journey.

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